As part of our ethos in improving the environment for future generations, we decided to grow over 20 heactares of coppice willow on our family farm.  This willow will be cut and allowed time to dry out naturally before being processed into woodchip.

We also purchase willow from other growers in the industry to add to our stock.


As provided on the Teagasc Best Practice Guidelines of Short Rotation Coppie Willow:

“Carbon Mitigation Potential – Key Facts

  • SRC Willow is considerded to be a carbon neutral fuel
  • The energy content of dry willow wood chip is approximately 19 MJkg-1
  • One heactare of SRC willow produces the equivalent energy of 3,300 – 5,700 litres of light heating oil
  • 90% reductions in emissions from woodchip compared to oil
  • 1 GJ of energy from wood chip releases 7 kg CO2 compared to 79 kg Co2 for oil
  • SRC willow can sequester around 0.12 t of carbon/ha/yr”